Salsa guacamole

Do not be scared of the color. A quickly emptied bowl should be more than enough evidence that this fiery Mexican dip is popular at a party. Think this will be fixed spring spice snacks afterwards. Easy to drum up and very good!

That’s when I read this dipp case on Friday’s D2 that I wanted to try a homemade tomato-based variant. With both avocado and chili in house I was ready for the task. Greatest color would have been if I had had green tomato sauce. A box of Mutti tomatoes, however, had tablecloths. Then I’d rather live with the color a bit more cloudy than in the original recipe. At least, the taste was not back for anything. It’s after all the most important thing, is not it? 1 large serving of salsa guacamole (about 6 deciliters

  • 400 grams of good quality hermetic (chopped) tomatoes
  • 4 small avocados
  • 5-8 green habanero chili
  • 1 medium sized white salad onion (or plain yellow)
  • 1 colorful coriander
  • 2 lime juice
  • Ca 1/2 ts salt
This is what you do:
Remove the stem, but keep the seeds and kernels of Chile. Roughly chop avocado, onion and coriander and have a quick blender or blender with tomatoes and half of the chili. Drive to smooth sauce. Taste with lime, salt and chilli. To prevent it from getting too strong, it’s advisable not to have all the chilies right away. Still, it will be too strong, have in more of the other ingredients.


Server with tortilla chips. I found tortilla chips at Rema 1000 for just 7 kroner bag. Despite the incredibly low price, it tasted anything but cheap. A little shopping tip there,